Staff Directory


Photo of Nazia Hiscock

Nazia Hiscock


Phone: 780-743-5771

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Ms. Boudreau

Ms. Boudreau

Library & Administrative Assistant

Photo of Ms. Collins

Ms. Collins

Senior Administrative Assistant

Student Services

Photo of Ms. Merrick

Ms. Merrick

Learning Assistance Centre Teacher

Photo of Ms. Patey

Ms. Patey

Guidance Counsellor


Photo of Ms. Brown

Ms. Brown


Photo of Ms. Fisher

Ms. Fisher


Photo of Ms. Morris

Ms. Morris

Grade One

Photo of Ms. Locke

Ms. Locke

Grade One/Two

Photo of Ms. Skinner

Ms. Skinner

Grade Two

Photo of Ms. Adams

Ms. Adams

Grade Three

Photo of Ms. Harris

Ms. Harris

Grade Four

Photo of Ms. Meise

Ms. Meise

Grade Five

Photo of Ms. Hiebert

Ms. Hiebert

Grade Six

Photo of Ms. Polegato

Ms. Polegato

Physical Education

Educational Assistants

Photo of Kim Dobie

Kim Dobie

Early Learning

Photo of Candis Kish

Candis Kish

Early Learning

Photo of Cindy Bray

Cindy Bray

Division One

Photo of Vanessa Oliver

Vanessa Oliver

Division One

Photo of Bambi Lafferty

Bambi Lafferty

Division Two


Photo of Jenith Piesinger

Jenith Piesinger

Head Custodian

Photo of Helena MacDonald

Helena MacDonald

Day Custodian

Photo of Raul Lastimosa

Raul Lastimosa

Evening Custodian

Photo of Slavica Maric

Slavica Maric

Evening Custodian