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2019-20 Transit Schedules

2019-20 Transit Schedules

You may have seen two new bus terminals under construction. One new terminal is located on Thickwood Blvd. in front of the Casman Centre by the corner of Eymundson Rd. The other is located on Confederation Way at the corner of Paquette Dr. These terminals have been fully funded through federal and provincial grant funding.

Project highlights

  • Heated bus shelter
  • Sidewalks connecting to existing pedestrian network
  • Fencing for safe pedestrian access
  • Vehicle and pedestrian lighting
  • Thickwood terminal close to Casman Centre facilities (washrooms and refreshments)

On August 30, 2019, new transit routes and schedules will be put into effect. The new bus terminals are intended to enhance routing, transfers and connections on the north side of the Athabasca Bridge.

Preliminary Transit Schedule for 2019-20

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